The program

The Open Circle strives to provide a structured, predictable daily routine to residents based on their individual needs. While safety and managing the risk of challenging behaviour is a priority, every effort is made to maintain a homely environment.

Each resident is assessed functionally, and an appropriate care-plan is developed to ensure holistic management. This care plan covers all aspects of health including developmental, nursing and behaviour management needs. Residents are placed into the general program based on their care-plans and the goals set for them. Walks on the grounds of the Hospital take place daily and the Home has TV’s, a gym and a swimming pool. Those residents who are able are encouraged to enjoy individual recreational activities in the privacy of their own rooms.

Activities are presented within an individual and group context including:

  • Reality Orientation
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Art and crafts
  • Exercise & sports
  • Life and Social skills training
  • Baking
  • Swimming

Activities of independent daily living training – teaching residents personal hygiene, to clean their rooms and do basic laundry

Vocational Training and Reintegration (includes skills training with the aim of income generation). Residents who are able can participate in productive, creative work and assist with marketing such as :

  1. Tuckshop: Operational hours are Monday to Friday between 09H00 and 16H00. The Tuckshop sells basic items, but lunch orders can also be placed from our kitchen no later than 11H00 on weekdays.
  2. Car wash project: Contact the Occupational Therapist, Roxanne no later than 10H00 to have your car washed.
  3. Arts and Craft sales: Items made by residents during skills training sessions can be bought at The Open Circle. These products include bead work and mosaics.
  4. Baking group: Quarterly sales may include Valentine’s day sales or Christmas sales on the premises of Alexandra Hospital. We are hoping to develop this project further and sell our products at community markets in the future.
  5. Chores: Residents are allocated little jobs in the Home in order to boost their vocational involvement, and to earn a small monthly stipend. This stipend is then spent on items they plan to buy in life skills training sessions for shopping trips and this reinforces money management skills.

The Programme further includes quarterly in-house Functions/Events and at least one Outing per quarter. Examples of this may be shows presented to residents, dances, karaoke’s, or picnics. Outings may include trips to the beach, aquarium, Giraffe House, etc.


The facility is run by the Facility manager. A Professional Nurse oversees the four staff nurses who act as shift-leaders to the 18 caregivers. These caregivers are responsible for supporting residents in their daily activities. They work alongside the full time Occupational Therapist to create a structured and therapeutic daily program, to ensure supervision at a 1:5 ratio in the day and 1:7 at night. Household staff includes cooking staff responsible for the preparation of fresh, healthy meals and special diets and 4 household aides who manage the cleaning and hygiene of the facility as well as the laundry.

Interested parties must submit the Application form and Clinical Summary with copies of ID documents of the applicant and guardians to the Facility manager at The Open Circle via E-mail/Fax/personally during office hours (09H00-16H00). Forms can be requested via Email or taken off the website. Please note that only complete applications will be considered.

Referral criteria

  • 18 years (+) Male/ Female
  • Physically healthy & resilient
  • Diagnosis of Intellectual Disability, but may have manageable associated secondary diagnosis
  • Presence of challenging behaviour (when psychiatrically stable)
  • Excluded from the criteria of other group homes/facilities/programs for people with ID based on long-standing history of challenging behaviour.
  • Referred from existing mental health service/ facility/ by provider, having completed their program/ interventions
  • No clients with criminal convictions or criminal-offending behaviour will be accepted
  • All applicants must be in receipt of a Disability Grant
  • Citizen of the Western Cape

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