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The Open Circle is a safe, nurturing and therapeutic residential facility, home to 30 adults with intellectual disability and challenging behaviour. This public-private partnership was initiated by a group of parents and caregivers seeking supportive living for their marginalised family member. Guided and supported by a Task Team comprising members of civil society, organisations in the disability sector and the Departments of Social Development, Health and Public Works in the Western Cape, we opened our doors to the first residents in 2015.

The home receives financial support from these departments and has proven to be a working example of what could be replicated countrywide to meet the acute need for more homes like The Open Circle.

When opening our doors in 2015 we were aware that challenges lay ahead with no day being predictable. It is a continuing journey of learning, understanding, facing challenges and basking in the joy of progress and achievements of the residents.

The one constant has been the model of care developed and practised by our Facility Manager and her colleagues.

Individual needs and abilities of the residents are nurtured and encouraged resulting in a couple of residents now attending outside sheltered employment, many have achieved new routines and skills and the number of recurring admissions to hospital acute wards has dropped significantly.

Feedback from families has been so positive – both on the progress and development of their family member and the impact this has on the families themselves. This is evident in their comments seen here.    

An important message about COVID-19

As an essential health-related service, The Open Circle is operating during this time.

The Open Circle has developed policies and procedures regarding the prevention and risk management during the COVID-19 Pandemic. All procedures followed at The Open Circle must in all circumstances comply with Governmental Directives provided and Legal requirements as outlined in the Regulations and Guidelines listed at: www.gov.za.

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