How to Apply for Residency

Financial Requirements

Applicants must be in receipt of a Disability Grant that is payable into The Open Circle’s Bank account by SASSA.

Fees in 2017 is set at R4300 per month and is payable in advance by the 7th of each month.


The following documents must be completed and submitted to the Facility manager at The Open Circle:

  1. The Application form must be completed in full by the person who knows the family member best
  2. The Clinical Summary must be completed by the treating Doctor/ Psychiatrist/ Psychiatric Nurse.
  3. Section C: Attachments must be submitted with this form if the person is being seen by a Social Worker or Occupational Therapist and it must also include a written report from one of the most recent facilities where the person was excluded due to challenging behavior.
  4. Certified Copy of the ID of the applicant and immediate family members
  5. Certified Copy of the applicant’s SASSA Card
  6. Proof of residential address in the Western Cape.

The Assessment and Placement Process

Please note that The Open Circle is currently full and that we have an extensive waiting-list. New applications received will be considered for the waiting-list. No predictions w.r.t. how long it will take for a bed to become available will be made.

  1. Your application will be acknowledged once handed in according to the requirements.
  2. Next a Screening assessment will take place against the organisation’s referral criteria.
  3. You will be contacted again to set up an Assessment Interview with Open Circle Managers, should you meet the screening criteria.
  4. Care-givers will have to come to The Open Circle with their family member for the assessment interview. (roughly an hour session)
  5. A decision regarding the outcome of the assessment will be communicated to applicants within 1 month.
  6. Successful applicants will be contacted and arrangements finalized for the date of admission.
  7. A three month probation period will commence to test the resident’s ability to adapt to the environment . During the probation period, families will remain responsible for their family member’s medical and psychiatric check-ups and collection of medication.
  8. A Final decision about permanent placement is made after the three month probationary period.