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The Open Circle is a safe, nurturing and therapeutic residential facility, home to 30 adults with intellectual disability and challenging behaviour. This public-private partnership was initiated by a group of parents and caregivers seeking supportive living for their marginalised family member. Guided and supported by a Task Team comprising members of civil society, organisations in the disability sector and the Departments of Social Development, Health and Public Works in the Western Cape, we opened our doors to the first residents in 2015.

The home receives financial support from these departments and has proven to be a working example of 
what could be replicated countrywide to meet the acute need for more homes like Open Circle.

About Us

Open Circle is a home to men and women older than 18 years, who have an Intellectual Disability and other associated disorders such as Autism, genetic differences like Down syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome as well as psychiatric problems. Our residents also display one or more types of challenging behaviour such as oppositional behaviour, destructiveness, aggression, obsessions and compulsions, anxiety, sexually inappropriate and self-injurious behaviour.

Adults with intellectual disabilities and challenging behaviours place a constant and heavy demand on their parents or carers. For families and households care becomes impossible to maintain despite their deep concern and commitment to their family members. The Open Circle was founded to offer specialised support to residents and their families because existing care facilities for people with intellectual disability do not accept adults with these challenging behaviours.

The Open Circle was opened by Prof. Househam (Department of Health), Minister Albert Fritz (Social Development) and Minister Grant (Public works) on 6 May 2015. An unused nurse’s home on the grounds of the Alexandra Hospital was renovated into a 30-bed supported living facility it is today.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide a safe, nurturing home for our residents is guided by our goals:

  • To create a medium-high supported living environment which promotes quality of life and encourages independence.
  •  To help residents to behave appropriately by supporting and modelling good behaviour.
  • To promote health through early detection and effective management of acute and chronic physical and psychiatric conditions.
  • To ensure community reintegration through partnering with families, volunteers, government departments and other NPO’s.

Although we receive support from the government departments as mentioned we still have many gaps in our budget. We have a high staff complement and we are committed to provide training for our carers so that they can give the most appropriate and understanding care to our residents. We would like to extend our service by providing more on-site occupational opportunities and more outings and community contact. All these efforts are costly and usually beyond our budget.

Partners & Donors

We acknowledge and thank our partners and donors. For a list of donors, please see the annual reports.


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Your support makes a difference


“Our autistic son’s communication has improved since being at OC. We as a family can also now go out; it has improved our quality of life.”
Family member
“I can actually go out and not be anxious that I will be contacted and asked to take my family member back home”
Family member
“We have learnt to relax and enjoy our independence.”
Family member
“My daughter is doing better at school since her brother came to live at OC. As a family we are freer to go out. I don’t have to worry at work and I know he is safer than in our community.”
Family member
“My stress levels have decreased. I am happy to see my child happy and settled. Before when I used to visit him, he used to be aggressive and destructive. He now interacts better with me and I no longer feel nervous around him.”
Family member
“My daughter is more accepting of others and easier to manage at home since coming to OC.”
Family member
Your support makes a difference