Creating a medium-high supported living environment for residents

Expressive Therapies

Vocational Skills Training

This is achieved by our ratio of staff available to assist residents with their daily hygiene activities, stimulation and recreation aspects, supervision and escorting to appointments. Our ratio of staff to resident is 1:5 in the day and 1:7 at night.





To promote quality of life by preventing Occupational deprivation and encouraging independence


Our Therapeutic program makes provision for all residents and has been developed by our full time Occupational Therapist. Residents are assessed and divided into one of three stimulation levels. The levels include: Sensory/ Motor stimulation, group stimulation and vocational skills level. Residents are encouraged to participate in chores within the home and receive pocket money as a reward if they show commitment. Socialization and recreation is encouraged through daily walks, swimming, TV and DVD facilities, music and using the gym together. We host in-house social events like Karaoke’s and also take residents out like to the shops, movies, camping, educational outings, etc.

Helping residents to behave appropriately by teaching and supporting them through difficult moments

Sensory Stimulation

The Open Circle uses the Studio 3 Techniques and Philosophy in managing challenging behavior as far as possible. It endeavors to prevent challenging behavior through the use of pro-active strategies like the implementation of a structured therapeutic program and the use of distractors. Reactive strategies also form a part of our daily operations like the use of Time-out when the Risk to others and the environment becomes too high, physical restraint to limit risk and the administration of sedation as prescribed.

Health promotion through early detection and effective management of acute and chronic physical and psychiatric conditions

    The General health and well-being of residents are managed through the implementation of daily exercise, monthly weight-monitoring and monthly vital signs. Residents are referred to appropriate health-services when problems are detected by                                                        our Professional Nurse.

Family Days

 The Open Circle has a Staff Nurse on duty at any given time (after hours and over weekends). These Shift-leaders are trained and equipped to lead their team of carers and to manage any kind of emergency that may arise, whether physical or psychiatric.

Families may opt for private or public care when an emergency occurs. Residents are referred to Alexandra Hospital OPD for public psychiatric follow-up which makes admission to the Acute Units at Alexandra more streamlined, when necessitated.

Ensuring community reintegration through partnering with families, volunteers, Government departments and other NPO’s and community integration activities

Group Therapy

The Open Circle values our partnerships with firstly and most importantly, the family members of residents. We encourage as much family contact as possible, in a predictable way for the residents. Families can pop by during the day and may opt to take their family member for weekends out as well as more extended holiday periods.

Our philosophy is to allow residents to engage with the community in an appropriate and safe way through various outings. Residents go to the shops once a month to spend their pocket money and quarterly educational or social outings are arranged by our Occupational Therapist.