Open Circle group home

The Open Circle is based at the Old Nurses Home on the premises of Alexandra Hospital, in Maitland, Cape Town. It is a 30 bedded facility with male and female wings. Higher functioning, more able residents reside upstairs.

We are grateful for the fact that residents have their own rooms to enjoy privacy and that we are able to allocate certain areas of our home to residents based on their sensory needs, for example, those who may not like noise away from those who do enjoy it. We have separate activity spaces for group activities including a fenced off yard for outside activities and a quad with swimming pool.  We are safely nestled on the premises of Alexandra Hospital which provide that extra parameter of safety.

The Open Circle manages an in-house laundry and kitchen. Well-balanced meals are freshly prepared daily. Household services ensure that our home is always clean and hygienic.

Our Dining Room


Building Completely Renovated

The building was completely renovated and fitted out to cater for the needs of the residents.

Comfortable Bedrooms: Residents have their own rooms

Cupboards just like home